Plakaty Religijne strona 4

Plakat Vienna - Nativity paint in presbytery of Salesianerkirche #F75855744
Plakat Dove flying #F7546919
Plakat Black cross in grass at sunset #F65788400
Plakat Clear blue sky with glowing white cumulus clouds after thunderstorm. Dramatic cloudscape. Concept art, meteorology, ecology, climate change, heaven, hope, peace, graphic resources. Panoramic view #F381312697
Plakat Panoramic view of St. Peter's Basilica and Square in Vatican City at sunset time #F326574813
Plakat Religious concept: Jesus Christ wooden cross with dramatic lighting background #F286500813
Plakat Christian cross appears bright in the sky #F269400327
Plakat Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus surrounded by saints and angels, Franciscan Church in Ljubljana, Slovenia #F105735045
Plakat REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY - APRIL 13, 2018: The fresco of angels with the symbolic keys of St. Peter in church Chiesa di San Pietro by Anselmo Govi (1939). #F216731486
Plakat BRESCIA, ITALY - MAY 22, 2016: The painting Ascension of the Lord in church Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine by Bernardino Gandino (1587 - 1651). #F114861515
Plakat Sky #F93950529
Plakat The Nativity scene. #F74117916
Plakat A cross on clouds background #F70646922
Plakat Christian cross appeared bright in the sky with soft fluffy clouds, white, beautiful colors. With the light shining as hope, love and freedom in the sky background #F304280439
Plakat PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - OCTOBER 15, 2018: The painting Jesus is nailed to the cross (cross way station) in church Bazilika svatého Petra a Pavla na Vyšehrade by František Čermák (1822 - 1884). #F240167913
Plakat Cross religion symbol shape over sunset sky #F176519379
Plakat paradise in sky #F11676060
Plakat ZARAGOZA, SPAIN - MARCH 1, 2018: The painting icon of Madonna in church Iglesia del Perpetuo Socorro by pater Jesus Faus (1953 - 1959). #F197017719
Plakat Rome - The Appearance of Virgin to st. Bernadette in Lourdes by unknown artist (1873) in church Chiesa di Santa Maria in Aquiro. #F107886758
Plakat angel woman #F96087047
Plakat Angel in the clouds #F49775771
Plakat Dreaming angel, isolated on white, panorama #F310704725
Plakat stairway to heaven in glory, gates of Paradise, meeting God, symbol of Christianity, art illustration painted with watercolors #F309148988
Plakat Angel of the Lord visited the shepherds and informed them of Jesus' birth, Church at the Shepherds' Fields, Bethlehem #F291699090
Plakat Guardian angel and spring branch #F248506049
Plakat Angel of cloud in the sky #F234757521
Plakat Statues of Holy Women in Roman Catholic Church isolated background #F135524266
Plakat Beautiful angel in heaven #F125260261
Plakat mystical angel in sky #F96848069
Plakat Guardian angel and spring flowers #F276797505
Plakat COMO, ITALY - MAY 9, 2015: The fresco of guaridian angel in church Chiesa di San Andrea Apostolo (Brunate) of by T. Conconi (1936). #F269840773
Plakat White angel. Abstract modern illustration. Sky clouds with bright light rays #F258190591
Plakat Archangels set. Illustration - frescos in Byzantine style. #F256861919
Plakat Angel's star #F184992880
Plakat Guardian Angel sculpture over bright sky #F163721635
Plakat Grabengel mit Lichtern und Blumen als Panorama #F124233782
Plakat Guardian angel on the cloud #F210507405
Plakat TURIN, ITALY - MARCH 13, 2017: The fresco of Virgin Mary among the angels in Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista and chapel of St. Massimo and Antonio abate by unknown artist 19. cent. #F145630015